Excited to announce that I will be attending the User Experience Week in San Francisco again this year, marking the third time I have attended this amazingly educational workshop based event hosted by Adaptive Path.

Last year I was able to get deep into these awesome workshops:

Mapping Experiences
• Reviewed the core concepts of mapping
• Explored the initiation of a project by determining perspective, focus and scope
• Conducted research to develop experience maps
• Worked within a small team to develop powerful visual experiences
• Took feedback during a collaborative session amongst peers

Critical Moments: Hands-on Experience with Digital Ethnography
• Analyzed what real world data-sets can do when integrated into interaction models
• Developed longitudinal user journeys
• Presented findings after hands-on group exercise

Motion Design & Prototyping
• Dissected the 12 classic principals of motion design theory by Disney
• Worked in Keynote to build simple prototypes
• Refreshed knowledge of scale, fade, resize and rotate and how to transition between states

Embodied Interactions, Emotions & Design
• Listened to insight on how interactions can evolve beyond mouse and touchscreen
• Learned new vocabulary for how human beings move in experiential activities (movement)
• Applied the Laban Movement Analysis to design problems

Design, as the tangible manifestation of intention, has the power to shape how we think and feel. Conversely, how we create and what we design are the culmination of who we are as individuals coming together to make something for others. In this talk, Irene will explore how our inner state manifests in design, and why the best thing we can do to become better designers may be to work on ourselves. Access Irene's Slides Here - www.slideshare.net/secret/bJjIAKEVgdEkl